Vancouver Canucks Alumni award four scholarships to Pat Quinn Classic tournament players

Burnaby, B.C. – Three U15 hockey players from Surrey and one from Burnaby have each earned a $1,000 scholarship from the Vancouver Canucks Alumni.

Surrey’s Arjun Gill, Finn Sawatsky and Leonardo Lee, members of the U15 Cloverdale Colts and Burnaby’s Javyn Jawandha of the Burnaby Minor Hockey Association U15 A1 are the latest recipients of the Vancouver Canucks Alumni Scholarships. Each player competed in the 2022 Pat Quinn Classic minor hockey tournament.

The Vancouver Canucks Alumni Scholarships support Pat Quinn’s passion for creating leaders on and off the ice and his unwavering commitment to give back to the community.

Recognizing young hockey players for their on-ice and scholastic achievements and community contributions is what Pat Quinn stood for, according to Cliff Ronning, honourary chair of the Pat Quinn Classic. “It’s about giving back to the community, not just about hockey,” explains Ronning. “Yes, they are great hockey players, but these kids are also great students. The Canucks Alumni are very proud to give out scholarships to such good leaders.”

This year, the Canucks Alumni added a fourth scholarship. It is in the name of Gino Odjick, a fan favourite who passed away in January 2023.

The 2022 Pat Quinn Classic Vancouver Canucks Alumni Scholarships have been awarded to the following players:

Arjun Gill – Pat Quinn Award

A self-proclaimed “rink rat,” Arjun Gill is an assistant captain for his Cloverdale Colts team and is a referee.  He receives top marks in all his classes with a 4.0 GPA.  “It takes a lot of effort and it’s very stressful at some points, but you just push through it,” says Gill. “Hockey has taught me good sportsmanship and discipline.”  He aspires to become an optometrist and hopes to hopes to open his own eye clinic.

Finn Sawatsky – Cliff Ronning Award

In addition to his passion for hockey,  Finn Sawatsky is an avid musician and takes accelerated science and math courses in school.  “Hockey is one of my favourite things to do. It has taught me so many life lessons,” says Sawatsky.  “It’s a way of connecting with and meeting new people.”  His goal is to attend a university that has both a strong hockey and science program.

Javyn Jawandha – Kirk McLean Award

A goalie on the Burnaby Minor Hockey Association U15 A1 team, Javyn Jawandha received a game MVP award during the 2022 Pat Quinn Classic.  “At school, hockey defines me,” he says. “Everyone knows I play high-level hockey and participate in big tournaments.”  Off the ice, he enjoys basketball and ball hockey and is dedicated to his academic studies along with being committed to volunteering in the classroom and in the community. “I just put the phone away,” he says. “Once I put the phone away, I figure out a way and find the time to do everything.” His career goal is to become a lawyer.

Leonard (Leo) Lee – Gino Odjick Award

When not on the ice with his Cloverdale Colts team, Leo Lee’s hobbies include reading, chess, solving complex puzzles, playing the piano and volunteering for community clean-up projects. “I just really love hockey. It’s a passion of mine. I practice every day and I just like to help other people out,” says Lee. “I think my teammates are really good people and are really successful academically,” he says, noting that that two members of his team have also won scholarships.  “Everyone is just doing their best.” He has set a goal of attending an Ivy League university.

Top Photo (Left to Right): Peter Leech, Arjun Gill, Finn Sawatsky, Cliff Ronnning, Leonardo Lee, Javyn Jawandha


About the Pat Quinn Classic and the Vancouver Canucks Alumni Scholarships

Held annually in Burnaby, the objective of the Pat Quinn Classic is to create a top international-calibre tournament in Western Canada to showcase local teams alongside some of the strongest programs in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. Organizers worked with the Quinn family to create a unique tournament that strikes the right balance between exciting hockey, skill and leadership development and community engagement. Quinn motivated players at all levels to work hard on the ice and live with passion and integrity off the ice. The vision of this tournament exemplifies his love of hockey and his unwavering commitment to give back to the community. 

U15 Tournament participants are eligible to apply for the Vancouver Canucks Alumni Scholarships. Find out more about the past recipients.

Photos courtesy of Manto Artworks